What are the best moves for your Pokemon? These ones.

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7 on July 26, 2016

Wondering what the best moves are in battle for Pokemon Go? Here you go. You can thank me later.

(Info found on Reddit/serebii)

First move is the best fast attack,
Second move is the best charge attack.
These are the highest dps (damage per second) moves you can get.

Venusaur: Vine Whip / Sludge Bom

Charizard: Wing Attack / Dragon Claw

Blastoise: Water Gun / Flash Cannon

Butterfree: Bug Bite / Signal Beam

Beedrill: Poison Jab / X-Scissor

Pidgeot: Wing Attack / Air Cutter

Raticate: Bite / Hyper Fang

Fearow: Peck / Aerial Ace

Arbok: Acid / Dark Pulse

Raichu: Spark / Thunder Punch

Sandslash: Mud Shot / Bulldoze

Nidoqueen: Poison Jab / Sludge Wave

Nidoking: Poison Jab / Sludge Wave

Clefable: Pound / Dazzling Gleam

Ninetales: Ember / Flamethrower

Wigglytuff: Pound / Play Rough

Golbat: Wing Attack / Air Cutter

Vileplume: Razor Leaf / Petal Blizzard

Parasect: Bug Bite / Cross Poison

Venomoth: Bug Bite / Poison Fang

Dugtrio: Mud Shot / Mud Bomb

Persian: Scratch / Night Slash

Golduck: Water Gun / Psychic

Primeape: Low Kick / Low Sweep

Arcanine: Bite / Flamethrower

Poliwrath: Mud Shot / Submission

Alakazam: Psycho Cut / Psychic

Machamp: Karate Chop / Submission

Victreebel: Razor Leaf / Sludge Bomb

Tentacruel: Poison Jab / Sludge Wave

Golem: Mud Shot / Ancient Power

Rapidash: Ember / Drill Run

Slowbro: Water Gun / Water Pulse

Magneton: Spark / Discharge

Farfetch’d: Cut / Air Cutter

Dodrio: Feint Attack / Air Cutter

Dewgong: Frost Breath / Aqua Jet

Muk: Poison Jab / Sludge Bomb

Cloyster: Frost Breath / Icy Wind

Gengar: Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball

Onix: Rock Throw / Iron Head

Hypno: Zen Headbutt / Psyshock

Kingler: Mud Shot / Water Pulse

Electrode: Spark / Discharge

Exeggutor: Zen Headbutt / Seed Bomb

Marowak: Mud Slap / Bone Club

Hitmonlee: Low Kick / Low Sweep

Hitmonchan: Bullet Punch / Brick Break

Lickitung: Lick / Stomp

Weezing: Acid / Sludge Bomb

Rhydon: Mud Slap / Stone Edge

Chansey: Pound / Psybeam

Tangela: Vine Whip / Sludge Bomb

Kangaskhan: Low Kick / Stomp

Seadra: Water Gun / Dragon Pulse

Seaking: Poison Jab / Drill Run

Starmie: Water Gun / Psybeam

Mr. Mime: Zen Headbutt / Psybeam

Scyther: Fury Cutter / X-Scissor

Jynx: Frost Breath / Psyshock

Electabuzz: Thunder Shock / Thunder Punch

Magmar: Ember / Fire Punch

Pinsir: Fury Cutter / X-Scissor

Tauros: Tackle / Iron Head

Gyarados: Dragon Breath or Bite / Dragon Pulse

Lapras: Frost Breath / Ice Beam

Vaporeon: Water Gun / Aqua Tail

Jolteon: Thunder Shock / Discharge

Flareon: Ember / Flamethrower

Porygon: Tackle / Discharge

Omaster: Water Gun / Rock Slide

Kautops: Mud Shot / Water Pulse

Aerodactyl: Bite / Iron Head

Snorlax: Lick / Body Slam

Dragonite: Dragon Breath / Dragon Claw

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1 on July 27, 2016

This is great! Thanks for your contribution. Mind leaving a source link (unless you found this info on your own)

on July 27, 2016

I don’t have a source link because I lost it…but I can look again!

Found it: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemongo/comments/4u6ws8/each_pokemon_with_their_best_attacks/

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2 on August 20, 2016

So its a good thing my Snorlax has lick? I thought that’d be a pretty bad move for it, since it can’t fight normal pokemon with it.

on August 20, 2016

I think these are outdated since attack moves have been re-worked fairly recently. Also, competitive wise, back then the pokemon you’d be fighting against to claim gyms would mostly be vaporeon, dragonite, gyarados, snorlax, and executor. So most of the time you wouldnt have the ghost against normal type disadvantage.

on September 21, 2016

Oh back then, I thought it worked the same as the game rules where ghost type had no effect on normals, and pidgeots were actually common gym inhabitants back then. So I thought if anyone just so happened to choose a pidgeot into my snorlax, it was doomed.


Of course now I know that’s not the case, and I’m quite satisfied having lick against those pesky exeggcutors.

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0 on August 20, 2016

So why would flash cannon for blastoise be better than hydro pump?
Just asking, I just evolved my blastoise and got flash cannon and got bummed out. But the list says it’s good.. so should I keep it or just get another one with hydro pump?

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0 on September 21, 2016

I don’t see Hyper Beam / Solar Beam in that list. Thought those are the best moves, because they can do 120 damage.

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